System Engineering Technology Centralized Traffic Control (CTC) System
Electronic Interlocking Equipment (EIE)
Interface System
Data Transmission System(DTS)
Local Train Monitoring and Control System
Monitoring and Controlling equipment for factory automation
Hardware Development Technology Microprocessor based controller board and firmware
Microprocessor based CPU board and firmware
DSP based CPU board and firmware
VME bus standard system
Various CPU board RTOS and application program
Hardware using ROM based software development tools
Language: Assembler, C, C++
O/S: Tornado(VxWorks), RTXC, Linux etc.
Software Development Technology Centralized Traffic Control(CTC) software
LCC software
Universal monitoring and controlling package
SCADA Package
TCS Package
Software using various platforms and development tools
Language: C, C++, Fortran, Delphi, Visual Basic
O/S: UNIX, VMS, LINUX, Windows etc.
Intellectual Property Rights Patent: 14 patents including audio frequency track circuit