Business Area

Railway signalling system consists of trackside equipment, ground equipment, on-board equipment and traffic control system. The system monitors and controls trains in order to make them operate safely. The system is applied to signalling systems such as high speed railway, national railway, subway and LRT(Light rail transit).

Our main business is to develop and provide the railway signalling system. We have consistently provided our signalling products to domestic railway market. We will make greater efforts to localize major signalling equipment through steady research and development(R&D). We will continually do our best to develop the high quality signalling system to supply in the global railway market based on our rich R&D experiences and accumulated technologies.

Supervision and control system consists of a central system and several remote systems. Remote systems transmit status information data to the central system either analogue or digital data through communication network. This system inspects, stores, displays and manages the status information data to supervise remote systems in road traffic control, port control, power plant equipment control, gas remote monitoring, SCADA and factory automation facility control(FA).

We will effort to develop high quality product with reliability and stability on basis of rich design experience and technical skills in order to offer the superior products to both domestic and global market.