Overview of TECHVILLE

Company Name TECHVILLE Co., Ltd.
Establishment Date 1 February 2001
CEO Jung Taewoon
Business Category Signalling and Communication Devices, Development and Supply of Software, Electric/Electronic Product, Electric Work, Information and Communication Work
Professional Area Railway Signalling System

TECHVILLE CO., Ltd is a company that develops the hardware and software professionally, whose major business field is to provide the railway signaling system in which the high reliability and safety are required.

We trust that competitiveness of business depends on technology to develop new products to meet customers’ requirement and product quality. Therefore, our well-experienced engineers have been designing, developing and producing high quality software and hardware according to our standard work procedure(V-Cycle).

In addition, We have built up the knowledge management system based on our engineers’ accumulated experiences in the whole process. We provide customers the best solutions and are keen to produce great products that can satisfy customers’ requirements. TECHVILLE has been growing steadily with our customers.