Automatic Train Supervision(ATS) System 목록



ATS is a subsystem of Train Control System(TCS). ATS provides functions to supervise and control local signalling equipment remotely interfacing with IXL and ATC. TRACOS 100 is a software for ATS of metro. Regardless of type of local signalling equipment, control center can be constructed through application work of TRACOS100.


TRACOS 100 consists of Basic Software(for TCC, MSC and console), application tools including various editors and simulators

Major Functions

  • Comprehensive supervision and control train operation status of whole section
  • Automatic control of train operation by means of train operation schedule
  • Automatic or manual control of local signalling equipment
  • Record of train operation status automatically
  • Exchange of information interfacing with external equipment as below;
    • Passenger information system(PIS)
    • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition(SCADA)
    • Master Clock system
    • Meteorological monitoring system
    • CCTV system

Specific Features

  • Providing ATS functions standardised for traffic control system of Urban Railway
  • Constructing independent traffic control system with local signalling equipment through application work without any change of basic software
  • Increasing stability of monitoring and control work using qualified basic software
  • Constructing system by database input and application work by application tool
  • Verifying function by means of simulator and validation tool in advance


  • Traffic Control Center for Urban Railway

TCS-VIEW Package


TCS-VIEW Package is a software development tool for train supervision and control. It helps the development engineer to make systems easily which are reliable and easy to use by screen drawing and data input work. Also, it enables the development engineer to implement on-demand system easily by adding communication function to interface with external equipment and specific functions.


Major Functions

  • Registering object-type graphic symbol
  • Creating mimic view(L/S) by screen drawing and database
  • Layer management by page
  • Function for virtual connection pointer and its automation
  • Function of 3D Objects
  • Function for insertion and deletion of various OLE objects
  • Multimedia functions(voice alarm function and display on CCTV screen)


Consoles for CTC

CTC Console Screen
of Jungang Line

CTC Console Screen
of Thailand

TTC Console Screen
of Busan Subway Line 1

Local Console for High Speed Railway

LCP(Local Control Panel): This is a local console used in high speed railway system to monitor and control status of trains or signalling equipment.

LCP Signalling Screen

LCP Traffic Screen

LCP Auxiliary Screen

LCP Alarm Management Screen

LCP Screen for Depot

LMP(Local Mimic Panel) : This is the local console used in high speed railway system to monitor status of trains or signalling equipment without any function to control signalling equipment.

LMP Signalling Screen

LMP Auxiliary Screen

Other Consoles

ATC Monitoring Screen for Gyeongbu high speed railway

SME Monitoring Screen for Gyeongbu high speed railway

IMC Screen for Sudokwon high speed railway

Local Data Transmission System(LDTS)


Local Data Transmission System(LDTS) provides data interface between equipment in control center and signalling equipment in local station. LDTS increases expandability, improvement, maintainability and interoperability by implementing universal and standard hardware and software. Also, important components are applied in redundancy system considering reliability and availability. It provides the function of data analysis in real time for easy maintenance.



Major Functions

  • Interface with CDTS
  • Monitoring and logging of the transmitted and received data
  • Data analysis in real time and Korean conversion


  • LDTS for Inter-city Railway and Urban Railway