Automatic Train Control (ATC) System 목록

Digital Transmitter and Receiver(KD2000)


Digital Transmitter and Receiver are an equipment to detect train on AF track circuit and transmit the information to on-board equipment. Digital Transmitter carries continuous information on the carrier frequency and outputs it to the AF track circuit. On-board equipment of train can pick up the continuous information transmitted through AF track circuit. Digital Receiver detects the presence of train according to continuous signals of track.


Digital Transmitter

Digital Receiver


Major Functions

Digital Transmitter
  • Generating carrier wave by central processing unit and FM modulation
  • Function to select carrier frequency
  • Output continuous information to track(15~135V, adjustable rate is 15V)
  • Monitoring and isolating whether over-current of continuous information output to track occurs
  • Providing interface port for maintenance(RS-485 1Port)
    (Output carrier frequency and level value for continuous information)
Digital Receiver
  • Demodulation of carrier frequency for track frequency by the central processing unit
  • Level adjustment of received voltage
  • Output and isolating of track relay operating voltage
  • Select excitation delay time of track relay
  • Providing Interface port for maintenance(RS-485 1Port)
    (Output carrier frequency and the status of occupation/non-occupation)


  • AF track circuit of Gyeongbbu high speed railway stage 1 and 2

On-Board Equipment(KTCS-L2)


KTCS-L2 on-board equipment(OVC) is Korean Railway Train Control System for Inter-city railway and High speed railway based on European Railway Traffic Management System(ERTMS/ETCS). It has functions to control trains receiving movement authority(MA) from Radio Block Center(RBC) using LTE-R and performs the function to display train information to the driver. Also, take all the functionaliy(ATP:ETCS Level 1),Level 2


Major Functions

  • Determine train speed and position
  • Movement Authority(MA) management
  • Determine maximum speed limit profile
  • Train speed and train movement test
  • Determine operation mode and level

Specific Features

  • Korean train control system based on LTE-R
  • 2 out of 2 Redundancy/Set
  • ETCS System Requirement Specification(SRS) 2.3.0d Conpliance
  • Possession of function ETCS Level 1,2
  • Performance verification through the on-board tests(HEMU-430X and diesel)
  • Certification SIL4