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What is Detoxification, and Who Needs It?


Before answering the "what" and "who" of detoxification, a peek at the "why" is required. We are constantly bombarded with harmful things from the air we breath, water we drink, things we apply the bodies of ours (deodorants, perfumes, artificial apparel, etc.), then stuff we decide to put IN our bodies (processed foods, soda, synthetic urine composition ( drugs, etc.). Our bodies create poisonous waste whenever we digest and digest under desirable foods (animal products, fried foods, and alcohol to name a few). The many parasites hiding in our bodies produce poisonous waste as they gorge on our cells as well as nutrition. When checking out the abuse our bodies endure, one are only allowed to marvel at the ability of ours to survive.
Just how are we capable of tolerating the insults of toxins in the environment, toxins we ingest, toxins created by parasites, and also the toxic compounds produced by the own health of ours? Our bodies were created to detoxify themselves. Detoxification is something that takes place naturally in the human body given time, rest, proper nutrients, in addition to a reduction of insults.
The Creator created us with great tolerance for abuse. We were not made consuming meat or maybe animal products; this's apparent in the length of the intestinal tract of ours and structure of our teeth. The meat unquestionably rots in our intestines as it is broken down and to some extent assimilated into the blood stream of ours. It can work for emergency nutrition, but isn't most helpful thing we are able to consume. The processed sugars and flour which we so adore rob us of nutrients, clog our elimination path, and also take care of the parasites that poison us. However we move and surviving on average into our 70's.
We keep going till chronic illness as well as sickness take hold. From there, correction must occur or perhaps the downward spiral of chronic illness begins. For some of us, this spiral can begin in our 40's as well as 50's. For many it may possibly begin as soon as our 20's as well as 30's. Nearly all chronic illness is usually due to the long-range abuse, poisoning, and neglect of the devices we were created with. In order to enjoy the later years of ours, we should stop the abuse, good our bodies, and enable the healing powers in people to begin.

Toxic Symptoms (A Very Brief List)

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